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Iceland Express depuis Paris!!!

le 24 octobre 2006 09:44
par Jujux
Revenir au Forum Encore une bonne nouvelle!!!

Dans le canard d'hier il etait ecrit qu'Iceland Express allait ajouter de nouveaux aeroports europeens...... dont Paris Orly.

Je suis donc alle faire un tour sur le site d'Iceland Express est voila les dernieres infos toutes fraiches:

We?ll always have Paris. And Oslo, Bergen, Billund, Basel and Endhoven
Línurnar skýrastIntroducing six more places from which to get to Reykjavík, fast and cheap.

From 14 CET (1pm British Time) today, Tuesday 24 October, Iceland Express is opening for sale flights to Iceland from fourteen places in Europe next summer.

That?s right ? you?ll be able to fly to Iceland from London Stansted in the UK, Copenhagen and Billund in Denmark, Stockholm and Gothenburg in Sweden, Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Paris Orly in France, Alicante in Spain, Berlin, Frankfurt Hahn, and Friedrichshafen in Germany, Basel in Switzerland, and Eindhoven in the Netherlands!

We feel so grown up!

Anyway. You can book a flight to Iceland next summer from these places after 14 CET today. The exact flight period can vary from place to place, but the summer schedule is in effect from 15 May to 15 September 2007.

Ready, set, go!
24 October 2006 ? 0:58
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Ah super merci Jujux pour ces infos !
Je sens que ça va faire des heureux :)

par I.A le 24 octobre 2006 13:12 0 0 0
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