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    1. Forget faircar To rent

      Sylvain, le 27 juillet 2018 00:37
      Revenir au Forum I highly recommend you to avoid choosing faircar as a car rental in Iceland. The car had problems from day 1. We had trouble starting the car in the morning (even if the refrigerator was unplugged and the lights were off), no A / C (the radiator had been damaged and was not repaired). You probably asked yourself why we didn’t change car within the 72hrs? Our travel was tightly organized and we had no time to waste in waiting for it to be repaired or wait for another vehicle to become available. The problems were pre-existing before we even rented and should have been dealt with before our arrival. To avoid the waste of time we endured these problems the rest of our trip. A few days later, just because we did not have enough, the right rear tire was deflated. We had it changed by the garage and the guy tells us that the company will pay because it was leaking between the rim and the tire. At the end of the trip we arrived 2 hours in advance to discuss and reach a common agreement for all the problems we endured with the owner of Faircar. He was not receptive and did not want to call the garage to obtain confirmation that the tire was deflated due to a problem between the rim and the tire. In conclusion, this cost us $ 400 Canadian more in addition to the pre-existing problems with the vehicle that we had to endure during our trip. It remains your decision if you want to go with this company, but I advise that you read all the reviews before making your decision.
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      Hi ! Bonjour.
      I never heard about a company called Faircar. Reading you, I'll definitly put it at the very bottom of the list.
      Je n'ai jamais entendu parler d'une compagnie nommée Faircar, en vous lisant je la mettrai définitivement en bas de la liste.
      par Titou Alsace le 27 juillet 2018 11:17 1 0 0
      J’ai déjà entendu parler de cette compagnie et à chaque fois en mal.
      Avant de louer, lisez les commentaires des clients !
      par FomeZero le 27 juillet 2018 19:48 0 0 0
      Juste une question - d'où sort ce commentaire à peine signé en anglais sur un forum francophone?
      Un spam pour faire de la mauvaise publicité gratuitement?
      par Portnawak le 29 juillet 2018 23:27 2 0 0
      Je réponds...